Pisces moon love compatibility

But in a different way than a Cancer, Pisces can reach emotional depth of Capricorn by a simple feel. This is not a matter of compassion, but a matter of their deep inner truths. They can awaken the best qualities in each other and share strong intimacy through deep emotionally-rational understanding. Their sex life will move in a strangely spontaneous way. Capricorn will be inspired to let go and open up to their partner, while Pisces will easily ground their affections and find a way to show them through physical contact.

Capricorn will feel more casual and Pisces will start to gather themselves up. If they stay together for long enough, they could make a perfect blend of stability, trust and emotional excitement. They will often understand each other well enough to respect their relationship and keep it clear of dishonesty. This is not always the case, and the possible roughness of Capricorn can sometime induce Pisces to tell a lie or two. The beauty of their relationship is in their approach to trust when they realize who they are dealing with.

This might seem like a game or a competition to win over the trust of their partner. If anyone can inspire a Capricorn, it is their Pisces partner. They can both care a lot about communication in their relationship, but their bond will allow them to stop talking and start listening. They are both shy in a way, and in order to get to know each other, they will have to be very careful to pay attention to one another. The problem in their communication can arise when Capricorn gives in to their rigid opinions and beliefs. The sign of Capricorn brings Jupiter to its fall, and Jupiter is traditionally the ruler of Pisces.

This could truly endanger their entire relationship, for the strict and rational nature of Capricorn can damage the faith and the convictions of Pisces through simple disbelief. Pisces partner will rarely give up on their belief system, since this is what they live for, but they could question it and feel lonely because of the lack of understanding from their partner.

These partners share a deep emotional bond that can be built for years until it truly blossoms. The most wonderful side of their relationship is in the expectance of emotion, the constant growth and their ability to bring out the best in each other.

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Capricorn might remain grumpy, while Pisces might remain flaky and unreliable. When they are too set in their ways, they could end up truly annoying each other as Capricorn quenches the beliefs and the magic of Pisces, and Pisces disappoints reliable, earthly Capricorn.

Aries Moon

There is a certain consistency in their way of approaching their values. You have a tendency to go into excess, as you lack self-limit. Moon Libra is less emotional, and more rational; while you thrive on emotional roller-coasters. You might drive Libra crazy with your emotional manipulation.

For a romantic Pisces moon compatibility to work, Moon Libra has to pay attention to things. While, you have to learn how to be more honest. Even if you both dislike conflict, there will bound to be some, as you are both different personalities. Pisces, you might have to learn how to give and take and have some boundaries, which are not bad traits to have. You both share excellent Pisces moon compatibility.

Leo Sun Pisces Moon – Personality, Compatibility

You Pisces and Moon Scorpio are both very intuitive and can form deep psychic bond, you have a special rapport with one another. Your sensitive sides allow you to create a harmonious home. But there are some differences that may threaten peace. Pisces, you are tolerant and tend to forgive misgivings once wrongs are righted. Moon Scorpio does not forgive easily, and they will plot for revenge. You avoid conflict like a plague, but Scorpio thrives on confrontation that spikes intense emotions.

Scorpio might find your passiveness annoying while you can find them aggressive. While emotional intimacy is the source of your moon compatibility, the way you handle emotions and hurt is different. Scorpio can harbor resentments and jealousies, and this may be downfall of a wonderful relationship. Pisces you have to be honest in your dealings, but once you cross that bridge, your relationship will be stronger.


Pisces, you and Moon Sagittarius have no boundaries in relationships, and you are generous to a fault. This can be problematic as you both like to make promises that you cannot keep, and you both are wonderful dreamers. As friends, this love compatibility is cool, but longer relationships face problems. Sagittarius is also blunt and insensitive, often forgetting about your needs. You value harmony, and will swallow the hurt to avoid conflict.

You take things personally, while your lover does not, and might not understand your feelings well. Even though you are attracted to each other due to your similarities, the differences may lead to the downfall of a potentially long lasting moon sign love match.

Scorpio and Pisces Compatibility In Love, Sex and Marriage

For the relationship to work, you both might have to return to reality. And Pisces, you will have to learn to voice out your problems or risk becoming the doormat, leaving you unfulfilled. Pisces, you and Moon Capricorn can be great friends or good working buddies, but in a romantic relationship things can get bumpy. Moon Capricorn is pragmatic while Pisces you feels emotion. Essentially, your temperaments and emotional responses are different enough to need compromises. Moon Capricorn has a serious and responsible Earthy nature, while you Pisces is dreamy and disorganized. You want a ideal relationship, but Capricorn works towards a firm commitment, and finds clinginess annoying.

They are emotionally distant, which you might be unable to cope as you thrive on emotions.

Moon in Pisces Horoscope (All about Pisces Moon zodiac sign)

Capricorn Moon is self-sufficient, while the Fish lack self-direction. If you want this moon sign compatibility to last, Pisces you will have to learn to take some responsibility. Moon Capricorn can learn how to express their emotions, and also teach you how to make most of your creativity. This partnership can be beneficial for the both of you, but you will have to work hard to achieve it.

Pisces, you and Moon Aquarius are not compatible to have a long lasting love relationship without hard work. You are different in personality and the way to do things. But working together, you form a formidable pair, which is beneficial at work or as friends. Romance wise, there is much to compromise. Moon Aquarius is outgoing, and wants to change the world in one fell swoop. Pisces, you prefer solitude and changing the world one person at a time.

Moon Aquarius do not understand your emotions, and think that you can be irrational. You have much to learn from each other. For a successful romance relationship, Pisces you can teach Aquarius to trust instincts. Aquarius Moon sign can teach you how to look at things in a different angle.

You might be different, but with work, you can be a well matched couple, even though you are not very compatible with each other. Even though you are both Pisces, it does not make you compatible. Moon in Pisces couple are both dreamy so nothing can be done, and when you are emotionally down, your partner is affected. But on Capricorn Moon's arm, they feel rooted, and they feel as if they are part of the crowd, even if their minds wander off during dinner conversation. Pisces Moon brings an element of wonder to an otherwise pragmatic life, shedding a little light on Capricorn Moon's otherwise black and white world.

Pisces Moon is definitely the more passive partner, and it's possible that Pisces Moon changes everything about their life in order to please Capricorn Moon or to fit in with Capricorn Moon's people. Tastes change as they become more refined.

Scorpio-Pisces Compatibility

However, Capricorn Moon reminds Pisces Moon that it is still the silly little elf it always has been. This is what Capricorn Moon loves about Pisces Moon: at the end of the day, when it's just the two of them, Pisces Moon opens this dogged, hard worker up to the wonders of the universe and a cosmic life. This is the kind of couple who elopes to a tropical island and tells everyone else afterward.

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They really do want their special moments to be sacred rites only between the two of them. Pisces Moon would die without Capricorn Moon, or at least it thinks so. Truly, it could actually stay alive if widowed, but it wouldn't want to. Capricorn Moon, on the other hand, tends to expect pain and sorrow, and is always mentally prepared to lose its love to something. Pisces Moon, who always need Capricorn Moon's love, lets it be known that it always and forever wants to be with Capricorn Moon. They may be joined at the hip; Capricorn Moon, however, requires time alone, at the very least to work.

Pisces Moon, if it has things of its own to do, will do them with Capricorn Moon in mind. It will shape its life, career, desires, and dreams around what Capricorn Moon wants. And hopefully, Capricorn Moon wants Pisces Moon to be happy. So, ultimately, whatever they end up doing in life, such as buying a house, having children, or living in any particular place, are largely up to Capricorn Moon, who shoulders the responsibility well. Unless it doesn't. One of the dangers with this relationship is that Pisces Moon becomes too dependent on Capricorn Moon.

Pisces Moon is completely and totally capable of being independent. It simply has to try. If Capricorn Moon encourages independence, then Pisces Moon tries it sooner. In the end, however, Capricorn Moon may be the more dependent one, in that Pisces Moon may be the one thing that keeps it going when the chips are down.